Dan Tho, 12/13/2015

Let's get the bad points out of the way right now and the reason why it's a 3/5 for me. First off, parts forming and articulation. The former isn't 'terrible', but it's not exactly fun to swap it between modes and either way you go, you've got a good amount of leftover parts that have to be put up. The latter, articulation, is like most Unicorn kits - very limited. Now for the main con, which would be for four dollars more, you could nab one of the MG Zetas ( MG MSZ-006A1 / MG MSZ-006C1 ). If you can get past all of that and want it, rather than giving out four more for one of those, then by all means it's a fine kit. Both modes look good, the color scheme is nice. It comes with the rifle, two beam sabers that do not store on the unit, two nice blue beams and a hand to hold the gun in, along with the two used for basic display/holding the saber handles.

¥2,640 ¥2,11220% off

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