SCR-BL SCR-BL Speed controller for brush motors

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  • Model: Yokomo SCR-BL
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3kg
  • Manufactured by: Yokomo
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This is a speed controller dedicated to brush motors that is very popular among beginners and intermediate players. It is a model that was also used in Yokomo's pre-assembled competition off-road car, and is equipped with a large heat sink, making it a tough performance that can be used in the season when the temperature rises and in heavy off-road driving.
 The motor supports up to 15 turns and is equipped with a setting mode that changes with a push switch. It is possible to adjust the power feeling and drag brake, select the battery type and set the battery protection function.

Dedicated speed controller for SCR-BL brush motor
Reverse power, start power, drag brake, battery type selectable in setting mode
Li-po battery protection function installed (initial setting NiCd/NiMH)
Input voltage 7.4V to 8.4V
continuous maximum current 70A Momentary maximum current 500A
Size 33.4mm x 36mm x 33.2mm
Weight 70g Usable
brush motor number of turns 15 turns or more (7.2V)
Pulse frequency 1khz