[22nd Aug] MG RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver.3.0

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Bandai Gunpla MG

MG RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver.3.0

Copyright: Sotsu / Sunrise


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  • Manufactured by: Bandai
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Bandai Gunpla MG

MG RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver.3.0

Copyright: Sotsu / Sunrise

by Jeremy Jake Tan

Great colour separation and details, a little unstable but highly poseable gunpla! Great for beginner getting into more complex mg builds.

by Hai Nguyen Ho

It's probably the best looking version RX-78. The color separation and articulation is great. The downside is the use of the gold sticker on the joints. Better paint those parts before assembly.

by Juan Miguel Abcede

Pros Color Separation, and multiple shades of colors Wonderful articulation Looks really good, and an alternative to those who don't like the anime proportions of the 2.0 Looks good even without decals or panel lining(check Dalong) LED Sliding and moving parts as a result of moving the kit Shows just how much Bandai's engineering has come along. Cons "Large" RG, nothing too different besides the obvious like building the frame, new hands etc. Re-uses some of the 2.0's parts, like the weapons mainly Some parts are a bit tricky, mainly the arms Shoulder ball joint inside the body can easily pop out Feels a bit fragile Lots of tiny pieces, makes cleaning and lining a bit tedious Short peg for the leg connection makes the leg prone to come off(not me, but heard it from another review) Overall, it seems like a pretty even list of pros and cons, but honestly most of the cons can be remedied easily if you're just careful and take your time. I loved buildi

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