Update Your Mecha Collection: New Bandai Marvels Have Landed!

Welcome to the future of mecha modeling! At Banzai Hobby, we're thrilled to unveil an extraordinary lineup of new arrivals from Bandai. These aren't just models; they're expressions of art and engineering that redefine the boundaries of your collection. Let's dive into the mecha masterpiece extravaganza!
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1. HG Gundam Calibern 1/144 - Witch of Mercury

Join the interstellar adventure with the Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury. This HG kit lets you recreate the magic of the series with precision detail and posability that'll leave you spellbound.



Destiny awaits with the HGCE DESTINY GUNDAM. With Bandai's engineering prowess, this kit embodies the essence of the iconic Mobile Suit, delivering a build that's nothing short of legendary.


3. HGCE Infinite Justice Gundam

Unleash justice with the HGCE Infinite Justice Gundam. Every piece of this kit resonates with the power of righteousness, from the intricately designed weaponry to the articulate joints.


4. RG Justice Gundam

The Real Grade experience soars to new heights with the RG ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam. Precision engineering meets stunning detail, resulting in a model that's a true testament to the Justice it represents.


5. RG Gundam Astray Red Frame

Get ready for some blazing action with the RG Gundam Astray Red Frame. This model combines the elegance of the Red Frame with the finesse of Real Grade engineering for a display that's pure eye candy.


6. RG Nu Gundam

Blast off with the RG Nu Gundam. This kit redefines high-performance modeling with its detailed articulation and stunning accessories, making it a must-have for Gundam enthusiasts.


7. MG MS-06S ZAKU II Ver.2.0

The iconic MS-06S ZAKU II gets a remarkable upgrade with the Ver.2.0 Master Grade kit. It's a showcase of precision engineering that pays homage to the legendary Char Aznable.


8. PG Strike Rouge + Sky Grasper

Elevate your collection to epic proportions with the PG Strike Rouge + Sky Grasper. This Perfect Grade set is a tribute to the Strike Rouge's aerial prowess, and it's ready to soar into your heart.


9. PG Gundam Exia

Unleash the ultimate power with the PG Gundam Exia. Precision engineering meets perfect articulation in this Perfect Grade kit that captures every detail of the Exia's magnificence.

Elevate Your Mecha Game

Don't just collect models; own masterpieces.
These Bandai arrivals are more than just kits; they're gateways to the future of mecha modeling. Elevate your collection and let your creativity run wild. Get them now, and be part of the mecha revolution!