Wrap-Up Next 0004-FD Aluminium Battery Holder & Brace Set for FR-D Conversion

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Wrap-Up Next 0004-FD

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This is your opportunity to purchase Wrap-Up FR-D Conversion Kit for Yokomo Drift Package!!!

Totally NEW Style!! Just like real Drift car!!
* Front Engine > Motor
* Real Wheel Drive!
* Check out the new gear unit!

This Conversion will take you to "NEW Experience" for RC Drifting!!

This conversion kit include:

* Graphite Main Chassis
* Graphite Upper Deck
* Graphite Support Plate
* Graphite Upper Brace with Front Gear Unit (Aluminium Mounts, Aluminium Pinion gears, Carbon Composite Pinion Gears etc).
* Front Aluminium Suspension Mount
* Aluminium Steering Post
* Aluminium Adjustable Steering Link
* Aluminium Battery Holder & Stopper
* Axle Shaft
* Screws
* Nuts

Yokomo Drift Package Series
* If you are using Type-C, you require a bit of modification.

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