1/24 NX-19 Suzuki Jimny JB64 (XC/Jungle Green)

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Introducing the Jungle Green of the current Jimmney XC model.

Product is a kit form that requires assembly. 1/24 scale.
No need for painting: The parts are colored in the mold color, and the body has a glossy texture that cannot be achieved with paint.
No Glue Required: The design allows for easy assembly.

The JB64 is the current model that appeared in 2018 as the 4th generation of Jimney.
Unlike the previous JB23 has been gathered in a curve-tone, the square body is reminiscent of the predecessor/2nd generation Gymny.
In terms of mechanism, such as the ladder frame and rigid axle suspension, it has been designed to improve high off-road driving and on-road mobility.
3 grades are available in XC/XL/XG from the top and multiple monotone colors, only XC has black top 2 tones.

The product is based on the JB64W-1 model XC grade which was released in 2018.
XC grade featuring exclusive aluminum wheels and mirror with turn lamps.
The size of the 1/24 scale has been accurately reproduced with fine sculptures.

The body is made of a special molded material to recreate a level of gloss that is difficult to describe with paint.
The molded colors are composed of 7 different types of Jungle Green, Black, Silver, Gun Metallic, Clear Smoke, Clear and Clear Red.
Even if you assemble it straight, the visuals like painted by colored parts, parting parts significantly reduces masking work even in the case of painting.

The body is a box shape with a sliding mold, which accurately reproduces the square style.
A classic construction from the NEXT series that incorporates hoods, rear, and roofs into the body parts.
The recessed molds, such as door panels, have been reproduced in a variety of depths that can be used to hold paint strainers.

The lower part of the ladder frame part is a single part for attaching the attached parts.
The reading arm trading arm, front and rear differential gear case and drive shaft are reproduced as separate parts.
The shape of the foot is a 3D model based on the 4AT car motif.

The headlight uses an LED light type shape that is only equipped with XC and is equipped with special parts.
(Headlight washers are not described due to the mold use.)
The side mirror reproduces the original shape of the XC with the turn light embedded model.

The Driver/Passenger Window features a separate glass and border design that eliminates the need for painting or masking when painting.
The rear window (side/rear) is a smoke colored special molding that expresses the color difference between the front side.
The wiper arm/blade is molded parts that are extremely realistic and delicate, and the recessed shape on the blade surface is also finely sculpted.

The handle and inpane are exclusive parts that reproduce the characteristics of XC
The seat has a 2-piece construction to recreate both the shape of the seat and the rear seat headrest is reproduced in the lower position.

Uses an XC grade aluminum wheel, and a realistic reproduction of gunmetallic molded colors.
The tires are molded from rubber resin and feature a special mold (new mold), and includes an on-road tire of the 175/80R16.

The included stickers reproduce the detailed colors and are pre-cut for easy application.
Stickers include meter panel, logo, vehicle number, etc.

Rear spare tire is the same rubber material as 4 wheels.
The rear light light has been layered with clear red and clear molded color parts to recreate two color light lenses.
The curved surface of the reflector and bulb are also finely sculpted and reproduced.

Size when completed: Approx. 5.9 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches (150 x 79 x 78 mm).
Number of assembly parts: 99

Included Accessories:
Runner x 16
Rubber tires x 5
Assembly instructions x 1
Seal x 2

This product is manufactured in Japan.
This product is a plastic model kit that requires assembly.

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