1/48 Japan Air Self-Defense Force Acrobat Team Kawasaki T-4 Blue Impulse

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The current blue impulse begins with three F-86F aircraft at the Hamamatsu Kita Base, October 19, 1958.
The Air Self-Defense Force launched the Aerial Mobility Research Association on April 16, 1960 to the Hamamatsu Base 1st Air Association, and the Tuning Flight Team uses the F-86F Saber as the Tenryu name.
Using the F-86F, the team later changed the blue impulse and team name using the Impulse Blue of Colesign and named the EXPO'70 Olympic five-wheel Expo.

Though we took a lot of song flying across Japan, it touched the T-2 jet-trainer in Japan instead of the aging F-86F season since the 1982 season.
The speedy flight of the T-2 has captivated many fans.
The Blue Impulse Team uses the F-86F and T-2 has been revised to the latest T-4 Japan jet trainer from the 1996 season.
The T-4 is able to move in the air with the F-15 plane, giving our spectators a more advanced and cheerful performance.

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