Ko Propo 10537 EX-1 ASF2.4GHz Ver.3(KIY) (for MINI-Z)

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Ko Propo 10537

10537 EX-1 ASF2.4GHz Ver.3?KIY) (for MINI-Z)

Comes with Master Unit ASF Ver.2, Expert Grip Unit and Steering Unit.

Perfect radio gears for High End Mini-Z Racer! Go nicely with MR-03VE using burshless motor etc.

With Ver.3, it has 5% faster response speed and more control.

Expert Grip Unit will ensure comfort and easy to control.

New shaped trigger is easier to control throttle and grip will give you perfect feeling.

Check out next generation driving feeling, control-ability for Mini-Z!!?

?EX-1 KIY Ver.3 Highlights

??? Expert Grip
??? Software in Ver.2 is utilized the expert grip with implementing the grip pad 2 for a new hold feeling.
??? Optimum feeling for the driver is offered with the new trigger enlargement for a more effective stroke and ergonomic design which allows for a high dimension of delicate throttle work.
??? There is no modification to the Master Unit software from Ver.2.
??? Customers with previous versions can use the expert grip unit or grip pad 2.
??? The 'Expert Grip' can be utilized with any of the current master units.


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