KATO 22-102 Unitrack Soundbox (Japanese Language Version)

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Unitrack Soundbox (Japanese Language Version) (without Sound Card)

[Product introduction]
- The popular sound box has been renewed and it appears.
- Sound box that you can enjoy realistic driving with sound added to your railroad model has become easier to handle.
- Until now, it has improved the sound card lineup and installed the latest software that has been updated as standard, and the appearance is also easy to operate by adding graduation and notation to the knob part.
- Those who start the sound box from now can also enjoy driving immediately in the latest environment.

- Sound box playing guide [Sound box playing guide] that introduced how to enjoy driving using the sound box is included.
- You can use it when reproducing the sound like a real car and enjoying driving.
- Also compatible with optional Smart Controller, you can enjoy driving with sound boxes in your favorite location / posture by combining.

※ DCC is not supported. It will be a device for enjoying analog running.

[Product Features]
- A good item that can be played with ease without playing on a vehicle, analog easily. In addition to the running environment sound, you can enjoy various driving operation sounds.
- Adopt latest software. Drive of [VVVF mounted train] [car] and updated [Emergency stopping function] [Controller priority mode switching function] are installed as standard as well as enhancement of existing sound cards.
- Added tick marks and notations to each volume, making it easier to adjust.
- Sound box is only the control of [sound], use power pack on hand to drive the vehicle. Extra buying is unnecessary.
- The speaker is mounted on the sound box body. Processing to the vehicle is absolutely unnecessary. You can enjoy it immediately with your existing vehicle.
- The presence full of presence from the speaker at hand seems as if it is in the driver's seat. You can enjoy driving with powerful sound.
- By inserting an optional sound card, you can enjoy the driving of various models.
- The feature of the sound box is that the running sound is automatically played to synchronize with the running state of the vehicle.
- With six push buttons, you can enjoy your favorite operation sound such as a whistle, a brake sound, and enjoy it. Operation sound varies depending on the model.
- With adjustment volume of sound volume, microphone volume, startup voltage, sound synchronization. By adjusting according to the characteristics of the vehicle, you can enjoy more realistically.
- Easy connection via a jump cord to the power pack for driving the vehicle when using. The power supply for the sound box operation is easily connected by connecting to the snap terminal on the KATO power pack side.
- Other company's power pack can also be used. (For connection, jump cord connection requires processing, KATO power pack or separate external power supply is required for main unit operation). When using with ECS - 1, we recommend [controller priority mode].
- [sound] input / output terminal as standard equipment, connecting to an external speaker etc. via an amplifier, if you connect a microphone or smartphone, it is also possible to mix station and conductor guidance broadcasts and other sound sources, railway Fun to run the model will double.
- [Sound box playing guide guide] is included. It is a guide that you can enjoy driving while reproducing the sound like a real car, with simulations posted on 4 types of sound cards <train / psychrometers / steam locomotives / electric locomotives).

- instruction manual
- JUMP code
- How to play

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