KATO 23-130 Rural Platform, Kit (Japanese Type)

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Rural Platform, Kit (Japanese Type)

[Product introduction]
-We will reproduce the structure and local home that can reproduce the local type home found in local trunk lines.
-A structure kit that allows you to easily create a realistic layout with the theme of reproducing local lines from the 1940s and 1940s (1955 to 1974).
-From freight trains driven by steam locomotives to limited express trains, it is possible to reproduce the railway scenes of stations and engine districts found all over the country by matching various national railway vehicles at that time.
-As it conforms to the Unitrack standard, it can be used not only for diorama but also for floor layouts.
-It is also possible to reproduce a medium-sized station by combining the popular 23-220 local station building set.

[Product Features]
-A structure kit that can reproduce the home of local lines from the 1940s and 1940s.
-The kit is an easy kit system, and the main structure does not require adhesive. Complete with screws.
-The local home standard matches the Unitrack standard, so it can be easily incorporated into the layout.
-The window frame of the building is pre-printed, and the parts are color-coded to give you a realistic structure without painting.
-The platform is a short type called [for passenger cars], and it is possible to make different types of roofed / uncovered, island type / opposite type platform according to your preference.
-The length of one home is 124mm. The local home set has 8 parts, and the local home extension set has 4 parts.
-For local home accessories, a set of accessory parts that can be used for platforms such as armored traffic lights, point signs, utility poles, etc. and station name boards, benches, washbasins, etc. You can reproduce the scenery of your favorite station.

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