Futaba 2PL-AM (S3003x2)

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Futaba 007811 2PL - AM

It just doesn't get any easier to program a surface model system than when you have just one button to deal with. And when that system is the 2PL digital pistol radio from Futaba, you also benefit from its computer sophistication.

Just push the Select button to scroll through the menu on the clearly-lit display. When you find the function you want, use the trim switch to set and adjust. It's that easy. And the 2PL comes equipped with lots of other high-performance features that make modeling more fun. Advantages such as 10-model memory, EPA on both steering and throttle, ABS braking, and much more. It's available in three different servo and servo/ESC options to enhance whatever type of car or boat driving you're into. And the price? Let's just say that's another benefit in the 2PL's favor.

With its combination of programming ease and digital technology, the 2PL radio is destined to become your favorite system.

This kit comes with following products:
* 2PL Transmitter AM27Mhz
* R122JE Reciver
* S3003 Servo x 2
* A pair of 27AM Crystals

  • Digital Throttle/Steering Trim Levers- For fine adjustments at the neutral positions either left or right.

  • Easy to read LCD Screen.
  • Steering Dual Rate Lever- Adjust the steering travel while cornering. Add steering for understeering or take away steering for oversteering.
  • Low Battery Alarm below 8.5V
  • Model Reset- Resets the memory to Manufactures settings.
  • Servo Reversing (Throttle/Steering)- Reverses the servos operating rotation (Normal or Reverse)
  • Throttle/Steering End Point Adjustment (EPA)- Limits the servo movement or travel to the left or right. Each side can be adjusted independently.
  • ABS (Antilock Braking System)- Antilock braking by pulsing the brakes on and off rapidly. Can be set for Fast, Mild or Slow pulsing.
  • Model Name- Provides 3-Character name for each of the 10 models stored for easy selection.
  • Model Memory- Capable of storing 10 models with all the settings for each model.


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