Kyosho 32281BCCL MB-010 ASF BCS Optima Clear Body

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Kyosho 32281BCCL

32281BCCL MB-010 ASF BCS Optima Clear Body

Create your own color styling! Clear body lets you customize and create a unique MINI-Z Buggy!

Kyosho releases this clear body version of the MINI-Z buggy in response to calls for customized body color schemes from the many fans created by the MINI-Z buggy's dynamic performance and handling. The clear body includes a special decal set so you can create your own style of racing machine. The chassis is equipped with a shaft driven 4WD incorporating a 2-diff drive train and slipper clutch as well as 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension supported by oil shocks. The precision design compacts sophisticated mechanics into a palmtop size chassis that delivers stunning off-road performance. Most of the advanced components are protected within a shell structure that keeps out dirt and contributes to chassis rigidity to deliver the robust performance worthy of the name ?racing buggy'. The specially designed separate structure of the control circuit board is based on the MINI-Z Racer and tuned for optimal buggy performance. Also, an optional gyro unit can be installed, precision control settings can be made from a PC via the ICS function and Chase Mode can be activated to turn up the heat in racing (special 3-channel transmitter is required). In addition, the newly designed steering servo features 7-stage gears for precision high-torque control and the MINI-Z's renowned linear control response and realistic steering feel. This is a great 2nd car to express your individual style.

Shaft drive 4WD and 4-wheel independent suspension unite in MINI-Z size. Charges over the roughest tracks without skipping a beat.


4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension with oil shocks produces exceptional road holding performance.


Features precision coupling to the drive shafts within its compact size and a 10-degree skid for superior off-road running performance.

Twin battery boxes are incorporated into the shell structure of the chassis, which realizes exceptional rigidity to extract 100% effectiveness from the suspension.


Each component is designed to compliment the flat finish to the underside of the chassis. Just remove the cover for easy maintenance and replacement of tie-rods.


Critical components like the differential gear box are sealed and dirt-proof to provide confidence in the integrity of the drive train. Full racing specs include slipper clutch and 15 ball bearings.

ESC drive frequency, virtual inertia and steering characteristics etc. can be adjusted by connecting to a PC via the equipped I.C.S. terminal.


Chassis is designed with space for optional gyro unit. Detects changes in posture and automatically corrects steering and throttle to maintain control stability.


  • Fully assembled chassis body set includes clear body and special decals to create your uniquely styled machine.
  • Pin spike tires included deliver sure-footed control.
  • Produces running performance to please owners of real racing buggies.
  • ASF 2.4GHz control system requires no frequency band allocation. A single transmitter can be used with multiple models. (Transmitter is sold separately.)
  • No frequency crystals required and up to 40 models can be run simultaneously.
  • Ultra fast signal processing speed results in almost instantaneous control response.
  • Shipped in standard specifications. Change to Chase Mode with the push of a single button. Other setting changes can be made by using I.C.S. USB adapter (sold separately).
  • Features LED indicator that shows power status.

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