Kyosho 32285BCYK INFERNO MP9 Yuichi Kanai Body/Chassis Set

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Kyosho 32285BCYK

32285BCYK INFERNO MP9 Yuichi Kanai Body/Chassis

Includes body complete with world-famous Yuichi Kanai's color design!

Palm-top size buggy delivers dramatic off-road action!

Advanced design features of the MINI-Z buggy include a drive train with 4WD and slipper clutch to protect the gears, plus 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension equipped with oil shocks that exceeds any expectations from its palm top size. The high-density packaging technology features the body color design of Yuichi Kanai, the 2000 1/8 off-road buggy world champion. This amazing performance is delivered in a compact size for exciting racing action in Yuichi Kanai's styled body color. Most precision components are protected within the shell structure of the chassis that keeps out dirt and provides optimal rigidity. Also included is the circuit board from the MINI-Z MR-03, specially tuned for off-road buggy performance. The chassis can be fitted with gyro (optional) and is equipped with Chase Mode and ICS connectivity (requires special transmitter with 3 or more channels). 7-stage gear-type steering servo provides torque and precise response to deliver the MINI-Z's renowned linear steering feel and control. Enjoy the thrill of off-road buggy performance with only a few steps needed to complete after purchased. Now you can experience the excitement of off-road racing with the ?Yuichi Kanai colored MINI-Z buggy?.

Shaft drive 4WD and 4-wheel independent suspension, in MINI-Z compact size. Power over gaps and steps without a second thought.(photograph is a No.32282BCRG LAZER ZX-5 FS)


Oil shocks on 4-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension supports high performance with superior road holding.(photograph is a No.32282BCRG LAZER ZX-5 FS)


Despite the constraints of its size, the built-in coupling of the drive shafts etc. realize a 10-degree skid angle for increased running performance.

Shell structure of the chassis with battery boxes on each side (2 cells in each) provides high rigidity to extract 100% effectiveness from the suspension.


Each component in the flat-bottomed chassis is designed for maintenance efficiency. For example tie-rods can be replaced simply by removing the chassis cover.


Dirt-proof structure such as the sealed gearbox protects critical components to run confidence on any surface. Specifications include slipper clutch and 15 ball bearings.

I.C.S. function allows precision setting of ESC drive frequency, virtual inertia and steering characteristics through a PC connection.


Features space for optional gyro to be mounted. Detects changes in running posture to automatically correct steering and throttle for more stable control.


  • Fully pre-assembled chassis with printed polycarbonate body complete with markings.
  • Real racing performance to please buggy owners. Great for practice indoors.
  • ASF2.4GHz system needs no band allocation. Single transmitter can be used with your 2nd or even 3rd model.
  • Requires no frequency crystals and allows up to 40 cars to be run simultaneously.
  • Ultra fast signal processing realizes sharp control response.
  • Complete with standard setup at time of shipment. Chase Mode can be activated with a single button. Other settings can be adjusted through a PC with the I.C.S. USB adapter (sold separately).
  • Equipped with LED power level indicator.
  • Range of optional parts are planned for release.

? Kit Contents ?

  • Factory assembled chassis with pre-installed R/C unit
  • Pre-painted polycarbonate body complete with markings
  • Pinion Gear x 3 (11T, 13T, 15T)
  • Spur Gear x 2 (33T, 35T)
  • Pinion tool
  • Pairing stick
  • Wheel wrench
  • Spare wheel nuts

    Chassis Technical Data
    Tread (F/R)
    F:?37x13.5mm / R:?37x18.5mm
    AAA-size alkaline x 4
    R/C System
    KT-18?sold separately?

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