32635WBK MA-020 r/s Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 White

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KyoshoKyosho 32635WBK | 4548565446391

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Comes with 4-wheel drive chassis and drift tires so you can enjoy drifting in small spaces. Minute AWD series combined with Syncro KT-531P transmitter You want more drivers to know how the Minute AWD runs. In order to achieve such things, the Minute AWD Lady Set was born. The MA-020 series chassis has been introduced to the front of the VCS (Variable Campus) that optimizes the camber change associated with your stroke. Compatible with dedicated gyro (sold separately): MZW446, equipped with a dedicated space and gyro adjustment volume. The gyro function can be adjusted with the chassis alone, which reflects changes in posture in steering correction, providing beginners with reliable running and expert assistance. Full bearing specifications with 14 bearings installed. The chassis is of high efficiency and highly durable at an affordable price. The set has a body full of scales unique to the mints, and the lady’s set is equipped with the 2.4 GHz propo, "Syncro KT-531P" that does not require band management. The drift wheel is installed standard and the thrilling drift ride is ready to be enjoyed as a set of batteries. Of course, it is compatible with many ASC bodies which are an assets of Minute (separate parts may be required depending on the car model). Experience the Minute AWD ride that only can be enjoyed by the AWD Chassis (Necessary for Driving) 4 x AAA batteries for transmitter. 4 x AAA alkaline or NiMH running batteries Batteries are required to drive this product, but not included. Please purchase separately before driving. This product does not use fuel. Fuel is not included with this product. This product does not include batteries, chargers, paint, glue, oil or grease.

Safety Warning

Please drive in a wide and safe location, such as circuit for RC cars. Never run on the road. Do not run in crowds, parks, and near small children. Do not run in tight spaces or indoors. Do not let others run in a disturbing location such as schools, hospitals, homes, etc. Do not run at night or early morning

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