Tamiya 54417 Active Steering Assist Unit - TGU-01

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Tamiya 54417

54417 Active Steering Assist Unit - TGU-01

This compact, lightweight unit is equipped with a gyro sensor system and when it detects the car beginning to slide, it quickly applies counter steering to prevent spins and maintain the car's stability. This is especially helpful when driving rear-wheel drive cars, such as the F104 and RM-01 chassis machines, or driving on slippery track surfaces. The counter steering range can be adjusted and sensitivity may also be adjusted by your transmitter when a 3-channel R/C system is used.

***Note: Gyro systems are banned from use in organized competition in the United States from leading sanctioning organizations. It is also banned for use in the Tamiya Championship Series. The item is recommended for hobbyists who are not racing in such events.***


Specs and Features
  • Active Steering Assist Unit x1
  • Screwdriver x1
  • Recommended for use with rear wheel-drive machines such as F103, F104, RM-01, and M-06 chassis.
  • Can also be used with M-05 chassis as well as touring cars such as TA05 and TA06 chassis.

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