Tomix 90099 Fine Track Model Railway Operation Set (Wide Tram Tracks)

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TomixTomix 90099 | 4543736900993

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- Mini rail set with wide tram rail and power unit set

[Product feature]
- Wide Tram Mini Curve Rail and Wide Tram This is a set with the power unit FG-17 added to a basic rail pattern with a straight rail
- Rail layout is the most basic oval of mini-curves
- Rail layout can be expanded by separately sold rails etc.
※ Because vehicles are not included, prepare your favorite Tomix vehicles separately

- About rails
· The rail is a wide tram rail that reproduces the combined use track with the road seen in trams
· The curve radius is C140

- About control equipment
· Set compact power unit (FG-17)
※ For the beginner's prevention of derailment, the fastest speed is suppressed
※ There are restrictions on vehicles that can travel on mini-curved rails
※ The power unit has side connectors for attaching point control boxes etc and connector terminals for TCS are not attached
※ Product number 90094 will be discontinued

- set content
· Wide tram rail S140-WT (F): 2 pieces
· Wide tram mini-curved rail C140-60-ET (F): 6
· Power unit FG - 17: 1 unit
· AC adapter: 1 piece
· DC feeder for wide rail · slab rail N: 1 piece

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