Acuvance (Keyence) AIRIA-PK Tachyon AIRIA Peral Black

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Acuvance (Keyence)Acuvence 4541283604166 | 4541283604166

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Keyence AIRIA-PK
Using special carbon shet and ceramic board hybrid system inside ESC to enhance cooling. (Keyence H.T.R.S system > Patent pending)

Inside the body, it include x24 MOSFET lay out. Can be used with reversed however, high efficiency.

Boost / Turbo System:
Boost: 3 different menu / 5 step-up system
(depending on motor RPM, it automatically adjust timing / angle )

Turbo: 3 different menu / 5 step-up system
(increase Motor RPM during full throttle)

You can set up with Fixed Timing & Non turbo (this can be checked with LED)

You can set up these setting by ESC button.

TAO can be used for further detailed setting.

RX Cable & Switch cable can be replaced.

Size: W31xD31xH21mm
Weight: 36.9g
Motor Limits: No Limit



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