AIRIA-RCB Tachyon Airia RCB (Red Carbon)

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Acuvance (Keyence)Keyence AIRIA-RCB | 4541283603817

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AIRIA-RCB Tachyon Airia RCB (Red Carbon)

Power supply = 6.0 V to 11.1V (All battery types)
Max. continuous/instant current = Up to max. current produced by battery
ON resistance value = 0.3 m?? (FET standard value)
Compatible motors = Sensored motor-unrestricted (when boost Aurbo is disabled)
Dimensions = 31 (W) x 31 (D) x 21 (H) (excluding projection)
Weight (ESC main unit) = 35.0 g
Regulator for receiver/servo = 6 V, 3 A Output

List of Accessories

Instruction Manual x1
Flexible sensor wire (200mm) x1
Switch wire (100mm) x1
RX wire (200mm) x1
Decal label x1
Setting flow-chart label x1
Double face tape x2
Shrinkage tube for silicon wire x2


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