Aoshima Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R (White) Damage Box

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AoshimaAoshima 4905083058831 | 4905083058831

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there are damage on the box (dent, squashed, scratches etc) but inside content is fine.


-[Hacoska with outstanding proportions] The King of old car Hacoska is now available as a snap kit.
-A handy model with 30 parts.
-The chassis adopts a new method for the first time in the series, and it is possible to assemble a lowdown specification with a selection type.

-No painting required-By reproducing the body color by coloring the plastic material, painting is no longer required. The glossy body is also a highlight.
-Affordable price ... Affordable price has been realized by simplifying the kit and using 1/32 scale.
-No adhesive required ... Adopting a self-adhesive type eliminates the need for adhesive.
-Complete new mold

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