Aoshima Toyota VG45 Century L Type `90 Damage Box

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AoshimaAoshima 4905083061442 | 4905083061442

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There are damage on the box (dent, squashed, scratches etc) but inside content is fine.


Characteristics of actual vehicle]
-Toyota Century has reigned as the finest domestic passenger car for over 40 years since its debut in 1942.
-It is a car model that has a lot of opportunities to be seen in the news and news because it has a strong character as a show furd Brin, such as high rear livability and luxurious interior, and is often used as a public car.

[Characteristics of the kit]
-Development type of G40 series that appeared in 1982
-Reproduce the [L type (VG45 type)] of the long wheel base added in 1990
-Window masking sticker included
-Chassis with adjustable height

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