Yokomo B-MAX4WN B-MAX4 Electric 4WD Off-Road Japan Spec

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Yokomo B-MAX4WN

B-MAX4WN B-MAX4 Electric 4WD Off-Road Japan Championship Spec

Has been upgraded from Yokomo B-Max4W World Spec!

Now Hard Type Main Chassis & Upper Deck has been included. So now you can select the chassis (Hard or Normal) depending on the condition and spec.

Using new X Shock Ver.2 for Front and Rear, easier maintenance yet lighter compare to previous shock.

Equipped with fully alumnium options and ready for frace!!

Length: 385mm, Width: 247mm, Wheelbase, 279mm


Hard Type Main Chassis

Hard Type Upper Deck

X Shock Ver.2

Super Light weight aluminium slipper drive cup

Super light aluminium Center Bone (F&R protect joint)

Super light weight aluminium upper arm mount (adjustable inside upper arm height)

Aluminium upper arm damper stay (F&R)

Aluminium King Pin Color

Light weight body

Tires are not included

Body is unpainted

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