Yokomo BL-PRO2TW World War Victory Commemoration + Turbo

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Yokomo BL-PRO2TW

BL-PRO2TW World War Victory Commemoration + Turbo

Difficulty of setting without only 1/12 Racing this model, small size, light weight, high power, it can be said drawback of competition models in recent years, especially available touring, off-road, all drift ease of use are ones noted without in high-performance models that can be recommended to anyone is selling up! !

Showcase the unparalleled speed in the race world championship held in the Netherlands 2012IFMAR of July this year, the pro-2 + BL turbo-winning World Champion Naoto Matsukura by driving players, models Memorial Spartans won the black heat sink is newly released.
The program is a pure competition specification machine is easy to be installed into a competition outstanding reliability in a compact chassis with the same content as before, also comes with a cooling fan.
In addition, equipped with a battery and motor terminals for new gold, I have made it easy to direct-connect cord.
It should be noted, also comes with a newly developed high-current flex code used in the World Championships.

Setting, a simple model to handle high-end! !
Drift, touring, off-road, all-compatible 1/12.

■ 3.5T brushless motor support (when using turbo function 5.5T)
■ NIcd / NiMH Input Voltage: 82.5g weight 1-2 cell voltage 6.0V/3.0A ■ ■ BEC: 4 ~ 6 cell Lipo / Life
Black ※ In this model it is necessary to work soldering (separately) when you use code wiring.
Should we recommend (same performance) specifications of BL-PRO2 + TURBO blue for guests wishing to cord and connector.
※ damage due to the heat of the soldering work is not covered by the initial failure. Please note.

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