Yokomo BL-RST305G BL-RS2 + Turbo 30.5T Brushless Combo Gray

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Yokomo BL-RST305G

BL-RST305G BL-RS2 + Turbo 30.5T Brushless Combo Gray

ZERO set of brushless motor and ESC BL-RS2 + Turbo high performance
Model "BL-RS2 + Turbo to BL Series Speed ​​controller, equipped with a turbo function of power feeling overwhelming accordingly. Appeared new, BL-RST combo set in combination with reasonable and BL series motor will lineup. Motor from a combination of the 6.5T 30.5T fit into various categories.
The ESC is also equipped with RS2 so we have a mode that does not correspond to the possible use of equal condition, such as Yokomo Grand Prix, a turbo feature, is ideal for use as a race. While adding a turbo function, ease of use unrivaled in the configuration of user-friendly program! It is also recommended towards the purchase of a brushless system for the first time.

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