D-LIKE DL100 SOUND-MEISTER EVOL with White Carbon Chassis

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D-Like DL100

For Limited Time it comes with D-Like White Carbon Chassis (worth over JPY14,800)!!! So get in quick and don't miss this opportunity!

Get in quick as limited quantity are available for these!

Include **NEW** Gear Sound System!

D-Like DL100 Sound Miester EVOL include its own sound system, just like mission change sound!

Whether you are expert or beginners, you can enjoy the RC Drifting with the Real SOUND!

Further more, check out range of features included with this chassis! Usually, with this price range, only available as OPTION parts but with D-Like EVOL, these parts are INCLUDED!!

*? Assembled Chassis!
* Front One Way included
* Adjustable Oil Damper
* Front & Rear Universal Shaft
* Large angle, counter steer capable!
* Adjustable Turnbuckle
* 2 types (1:1.6 & 1:1.8 ratio) of Pulley and Belt are included.
* Center Layout Drive Belt
> Front & Rear Belt is located on the center of the chassis. When accelerate on / off, there are no different movement between left and right side of chassis, it is stable and controllable. Can be used with beginner to expert! ?

Transmitter, Receiver, Servo, Battery, Charger, Body, Tires, Wheels

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