Ko Propo EX-I UR 4ch 2.4Ghz Miniz

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Ko Propo 10190

Ko Propo EX-I UR 2.4GHz SS Miniz Complete Kit:
Comes with following products:
* EX-I UR 4ch Transmitter
* RF-901SM Module (2.4GHz) for Miniz

This kit is for Kyosho Miniz

The EX-1 UR (Ultra Response) 4CH

The EX-1 series continues with a newly designed super high speed CPU with a faster Ultra Response Mode (UR) along with Advanced-Super-Normal modes, 30 model memory, super stable performance of the super module, quicker response with the smaller diameter wheel & decrease angle spacer and new tirgger material.


Now offered as a 4CH System

The EX-1 UR can be used with up to four channels for almost all of your land based R/C uses. Third and fourth channel monitoring are also capable.

Feature are listed below. Bold are the listed new features.

  • Steering Functions: Travel / Balance / Speed (1~2Way) / Curve / Center Trim / Sub Trim / Trim Rate / Reverse / Steering Monitor / Quick Steering
  • Throttle Functions: High Point / Brake / Curve / Punch / Speed (1~3Way) / Acceleration / Active Brake System (ABS) / Preset / Automatic Start / Sub Trim / Trim Rate / Reverse / Thorttle Monitor / Quick Throttle
  • Timer Functions: Lap Timer / Down Timer / Alarm / Pre-alarm / Lap Navigation / Stop Watch
  • Others: Auto Display / Idle Up / Position Display / Direct Set / Electrim / Digital Grip Dial / Battery Alarm / LCD Contrast / LCD Back Light / 30 Model Memory / Model Name / Model Select / Model Copy / Memory Recall / Memory Restore / Memory Reset / Channel Select (for use of channel 4) / Beeper Pitch Shift / Adjust Volume / Set Up / EEP ROM <3CH> 3CH Monitor / Configuration of 3CH <4CH> 4CH Monitor / Configuration of 4CH


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