Tomix 91026 Fine Track Rail Set Lay-by Set (Track Layout B)

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Fine Track Rail Set Lay-by Set (Track Layout B)

*This is a machine translation from Tomix's website.*

- Optimal TOMIX rail set also to beginners.
- Deals pricing than align separately.
- Conventional <91092> the sleeper of siding set, combining the point resin sleepers, others set the PC sleepers.
- Rail arrangement according to the island home, spread branches single line is to double track of spacing 55.5mm for the station by the point, back to the single line by the point again form.
? use of only in this set is not allowed.
? D.C. Feeder is not included.

[set content]
- Control devices:
Point Control Box NS × 1
Point Control Box N-W × 1
- Rail
Straight PC rail S140-PC (F) × 1
Straight PC rail S280-PC (F) × 4
Straight PC rail S72.5-PC (F) × 2
Curve PC rail C541-15-PC (F) × 2
· Electric synthetic sleeper point N-PR541-15-SY (F) × 1
· Electric synthetic sleeper point N-PL541-15-SY (F) × 1

- Runner parts: dummy point motor runner × 2
- Runner parts: dummy point diverter table runner × 2
- Seal: point control box seal × 2

Material: ABS, nickel silver, stainless steel.

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