FM54 1/35 Scale Military Series Imperial Army Type 4 Self-Propelled Gun

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The Japanese Army is the type 4 self-propelling gun holo that has the largest firepower of the actual war vehicle.
The 38 Type 5.9 inch (15 cm) rade gun is placed on the undercarriage of the Type 97 medium tank, and is completed as a firepulent tank self-propelled gun.
The prototype vehicle is immediately sent to the Philippines which tells the feng unu steeping and forming the 14th military temporary self-propelled cannon.
Firefighting with M4 Sherman in the United States army.
As the first plastic model, the characteristic open-top combat chambers, large caliber guns, and ammo boxes placed inside and outside the undercarriage.

This product is a plastic model that requires assembly and painting.
Adhesives, tools, paints, etc., are required for assembly and painting.
"Plastic Model" is a registered trademark owned by the Japan Plastic Model Industrial Cooperative Association.

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