Fujimi ID284 1/24 Inch Up Series No.284 Toyota Prius (ZVW30) G/Touring Selection Plastic Model

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FujimiFujimi ID284 | 4968728046549

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Toyota Prius 3rd generation synonymous with hybrid cars has been revised to the product specifications.

This product is a kit type that requires assembly and painting. 1/24 scale.
The body has a white molded body for easy reproduction of each color, and comes with a decal and metal inlet to help you build it realistic.

Released in 2009, the ZVW30 model and 3rd generation Prius was made in Japan, Thailand, and China with a 5-door / hatchback type that was built on the previous model.
Equipped with a 1.8L 2ZR-FXE engine and an electric motor driven by a NiMH battery, the grades are available as L, S, G, and the S and G grades have been set for touring performance in mind.

The product is said to be the early 30 series model from 2009 to 2011 released in 2011.
Represents the shape of the front bumper/front grille and rear lamps.
Includes 17" aluminum wheels equipped with touring selection, and parts and decals for ventilation systems as a modification supplement.

The body is a one-piece molded design that incorporates the front and rear bumper.
The wind glass is one piece on the front and left side, and the rear is independent and has a small inset shape that makes it less difference between the surface of the body.
The front grille has separate parts from the integrated body, so you can reproduce the shape of the deflated state with a sense of depth.
The wipers are reproduced in a realistic and sophisticated thickness and size.

The ventilation system solar/moon roof comes with two decals and dedicated parts.
The roof parts have a smoke gray molded color, and you will need to remove the roof part of the body.
Solar panel is included in the decal.

Muffler front/rear light parts are plated with silver resin.
The front wheel shaft is made with steer (movable).
The brakes caliper have also been transformed into a 3D version that is hard to see parts such as different parts of the brake.
The wheels are made with 16-inch aluminum wheels for touring selection.

Interior is a one-piece molded tub type part.
The handle has a delicate engraving of switches, and the logo is recessed with engraving.
The hollow structure is divided into parts and reproduced between the center console and dashboard.
The dashboard is expressed with delicate engraving such as switches and air conditioner louvers.

Marking uses included decals and metal inlets.
The included decals include wheel logo and designs for the meter panel.
The decal includes a solar panel pattern with ventilation system.
The license plate includes both the display car name and number.
The included metal inlet includes the logo and car name. Gives you a realistic finish.
Some designs are reproduced by applying decals to metal inlets.

Masking sheet is included for painting black around the wind. Cut out according to the printed line.

Number of assembly parts: 85
Included Accessories:
Runner x 9
Rubber tires x 4.
Assembly instructions x 1
Decal x 1
Metal inlet x 1.
Mask sticker x 1

This product is manufactured in Japan.
This product is a plastic model kit that requires assembly.

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