Fujimi Chibimaru Gojira Series No.7 Mechagodzilla (Type 3 Machine Dragon Kai, Heavy Armed Type)

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FujimiFujimi CG7 | 4968728171647

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Chibi Maru Godzilla Series Restart!

The Chibi Maru Godzilla series is a plastic model kit that features characters from Godzilla and other cute and realistic.
A new model includes a new back unit, 3-gang hyper maser, right hand spiral claw, and 2 forearm 4 rail guns.
New neck parts for proportioned upgrades.
The main parts of the mouth, neck, limbs, and tails are movable.
The chest maser gun can be opened and closed.
Tri-color molded water transfer decal and sticker included.

This product is manufactured in Japan.
This product is a plastic model kit that requires assembly.

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