Fujimi Model Chibi Margodzilla Series No.401 King Ghidorah (1991) 70th Anniversary Version

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FujimiFujimi 171838 | 4968728171838

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The King Gidra (1991) is a 70th anniversary version of Godzilla's opponent hand with three necks.

A deformed model with a sense of realism and coolness.
Movable main parts such as mouth, neck, limbs, and tail.
In particular, the mouth (lower chin and down) is not a hinge movement but also allows for horizontal movement with ball joints. Each of the three heads can be reproduced with different expressions.
Easy assembly without tools or adhesives.
Comes with 3 color molds and stickers so anyone can recreate the image from the movie.
The surface has been reproduced with delicate carvings that resemble the surface of the scale.
70th Anniversary Bonus B5 Clear File & Paper Coaster Included

This product is manufactured in Japan.
This product is a plastic model kit that requires assembly.

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