G-Force GD054 N-Type Drift Wheel High Traction/+6/Black

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G-FORCEG-Force GD054 | 4580416520546

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Suitable for road surfaces: P tiles, color concrete, etc.
Offset 6mm
Compatible with 27mm width and 3mm hub
2 pieces

Product Features

High Traction specification features exquisite flexibility and grip on low μ road surfaces

Deep spoke ends ensure excellent traction balance

Two types of offset specifications allow tread width adjustment

Lineup of three levels of hardness to expand setting range

The grip balance can be changed by changing the hardness of the front and rear wheels


In N-type wheels, the spoke joints are aligned near the center of the tread surface. Therefore, regardless of the offset, the load is evenly distributed on the tread surface.

In addition, the flex on the inside and outside of the wheel is equalized, resulting in high traction and controllability.

For HAYATE drift wheels, the "zero offset" is defined as 18.5mm from the inside of the wheel to the hub contact surface.

The offset indication shows the position of the hub contact surface based on this point.

In the case of "offset +6", the hub contact surface is 6mm inward from the reference surface. The larger the offset value, the further out the wheel will be placed, and the wider the tread width of the chassis will be.

In addition to aligning it with the fender, you can also adjust the driving characteristics by increasing or decreasing the tread width.

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