Tamiya German AA Gun Mobelwagen

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Tamiya 35237

About the Mbelwagen
In the latter half of World War II, the Wehrmacht, having lost air superiority to the Allies, turned to the development of anti-aircraft vehicles. The first vehicle to use the chassis of the Panzer IV tank as a base was the Self Propelled AA Gun Mobelwagen. The mass-production model started to be manufactured in February 1944. It was equipped with a powerful 3.7 Flak 43 cannon capable of firing 250 shots/min, and thick armored plates surrounding the upper part of the vehicle, which could be raised or lowered for horizontal firing. By 1945, a total of 240 vehicles were produced, most of which were deployed to the western front, providing a vicious defense against approaching fighters and bombers of the Allies.


About the Model
  • This is the plastic model assembly kit based on the German Self Propelled AA Gun Mbelwagen.
  • Overall length: 168mm, overall width 82mm.
  • The unique style of the Flak 43 equipped mass production model has been realistically recreated.
  • Gun barrel of Flak 43 and sighting device move together on arm to enhance authenticity. Ammunition ejection net has been recreated with nylon mesh for added realism.
  • Sliding hatch on the upper chassis has been included as a separately molded part. Unique cylindrical exhaust pipes have also been included.
  • Armored plates protecting firing deck can be modeled in three positions for times of: movement, anti-aircraft firing, and horizontal firing.
  • Kit includes one skyward gazing crew figure.

German AA Gun Mobelwagen

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