Yokomo GT5-RS GTGT500R SSG Chassis Spec Kit

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Yokomo GT5-RS

GT5-RS GTGT500R SSG Chassis Spec Kit

The GT500R Chassis Kit of reputation, SSG specification utilizing the characteristics of the new appearance will be flexible, incorporating many optional parts and aluminum ball differentials, to race users. SSG was subjected to the main chassis made ??without meat daring (Silver Surface Graphite), the gain traction taking advantage of its own teeth. Ensure a low μ road surface grip in the rear, as well as demonstrated outstanding balance before and after in the high-grip road surface.

Key Specifications
? Direct drive ultra-low center of gravity chassis RWD
? Front double wishbone suspension
? link rear suspension independent control of roll / pitching
? Ball differential re-raise the attraction
? Full ball bearing (8 pcs.)
? aluminum motor mount
? protection for steering servo saver
? Li-po, battery tray support Ni-cd/MH
? 174mm Width: 406mm Length: 234mm Wheelbase
Will be equipped with optional parts
? Main chassis made ??by GT-02G SSG
? Upper brace made ??of R12-03 SSG
? Roaburesu made ??by GT-04G SSG
? Rear body mount plate made GT-05G SSG
? Front suspension block made ??of aluminum GT-08AL (left)
? Front suspension block made ??of aluminum GT-08AR (right)
? GT-20FS flexible rear bulkhead set
? GT-24 Ball Diff Assy
? Made in GT-24AL Aluminum Wheel Hub (left)
? Rear side spring holder aluminum GT-21A
? GT-23 rear damper / antenna mounting block (aluminum)
? R12-22 block the rear body mount (aluminum)
? (Blue Pack of 2) GT-32P battery holder post
? R12-18FW Front Shock Set (Pack of a wide specification)
? R12-14S kingpin hexagon socket head
? R12-TB16 aluminum turn buckle (16mm)
? R12-TB45 aluminum turn buckle (45mm)




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