GV1 Studio Ghibli Vignette Collection No.1 Red Pig Polco of Hide

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Introducing a new genre in the fine mold studio Ghibli series that has been modeled after the airplane and robot that appeared in the movie.
In order to reproduce characters lively, with the motif of scenes from the movie, we have released it as a building kit in collaboration with Kaiyodo, the largest model group of figures as a pioneer in figure making.
The first release is Polco Rosso who receives a call to notify the appearance of the pirate from the "Red Pig" which is the 30th anniversary of the theatre release.
The scene is already ready for attacking in conjunction with the quest of phrases, and the next brilliant flying scene and exhilarating air fight.
Enjoy the handmade sculpted model and digitized molded construction.

Sculptor: Masahiko Kagawa.
Digital Adjustment: Kaiyodo Model
(C) Studio Ghibli Planning/Studio Ghibli/Fine Mold/Release/Fine Mold

This product is a plastic model that requires assembly and painting.
Adhesives, tools, paints, etc., are required for assembly and painting.
"Plastic Model" is a registered trademark owned by the Japan Plastic Model Industrial Cooperative Association.

This product does not include any adhesives, paint, tools, or batteries.

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