Hasegawa JT42 1/48 Japan Navy Mitsubishi A6M2a Zero Type 11

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1/48 scale plastic model
Mitsubishi Nakashima Companies were sent as the main ship fighter aircraft after 96 battles, with a planning request for the 12 specimen fighter planes on October 5, 12.
Mitsubishi started designing the Jiro Horikoshi as a designer.
Adopts a continuous propeller, retracting legs, split structure, water drop type sealed windshield, streamline drop amplifier, Crusy wireless return direction measuring device, and new attempts such as the use of ESD (Super Duralumin), 0.8 inch (20 mm) machine gun, and the 12 taster battles (A6M1) No. 13 (release output 780 horsepower). Done.
The first flight was performed in April 14, and the 1st unit records speed over 491 km/h during in-house testing, and achieved good performance, then replaced the propellers from 2 wings to 3 wings and minor modifications such as lowering steel in the raising pilot system and being passed to the Navy in September.
Immediately after the beginning of the test, it has been replaced with the Eiganti 12 (rise output 940 horsepower) and changed the tailwing arrangement to be called A6M2, and it is approved to be a good airplane with a good level of aircraft, and the A6M2 was formally adopted as the Zero Type 1 aircraft No. 1. 17-Year Zero Model A6M2a aircraft model 11.
Compared to A6M1, the A6M2 has a total length of 10.6 inches (270 mm), and the weight has been increased by 39.9 lbs (19 kg), but the maximum speed is increased to 533.4 km/h.
The 11 model has been made with 64 units in total, and was sent to the Chinese front before formal use at the request of local forces. Since the model 11 is used as a terrestrial fighter plane, it is not rigged as a warfare

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