Hasegawa PT12 1/48 F-14D Super Tomcat CVW-14

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Hasegawa 1/48 US F-14D Super Tomcat CVW-14 Plastic Model PT12

The Graman F-14A Tomcat is the flagship fighter aircraft of the United States Navy.
The F-14 is equipped with an AWG-9 Fire System to capture targets about 166 km away and track up to 24 goals.
In addition, the 6 units are individually made with AIM-54 Phoenix missiles (maximum range of about 185 km) and has the ability to handle multiple targets simultaneously without other comparison of the ability to perform simultaneous attacks.
Another feature is that it uses variable backward wings.
This variable wing changes the backward angle of the main wings to always get the best lift ratio by the Mach Sweep Program computer.
It also has a retractable reverse angle to 75°, making it easy to handle on the aircraft deck.
The D type has been updated and improved by replacing the engine with the General Electric F-110-GE-400 and the firearm system with APG-71.

This product is a plastic model that requires assembly and painting.
Adhesives, tools, paints, etc., are required for assembly and painting.
"Plastic Model" is a registered trademark owned by the Japan Plastic Model Industrial Cooperative Association.

This product does not include any adhesives, paint, tools, or batteries.

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