Yokomo IB-FCD15R Full Counter Solid Axle Set for DIB (Rear ?1.5&

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Yokomo IB-FCD15R

IB-FCD15R Full Counter Solid Axle Set for DIB ?Rear ?1.5?Red)

Solid Axle counter is a full set of drift-only package DIB. Run counter to sink the tail drift leave by the rear wheels to rotate 1.5 type for a front wheel rotation, rear and overdrive is available. In the type of joint attaching the protector to the drive shaft, and also long-lasting aluminum axle.

Package contents
Solid Axle L Solid Axle ? 1
Solid Axle R Solid Axle ? 1
FCD1.5 belt FCD1.5 Drive Belt ? 1
FCD1.5 pulley FCD1.5 Drive Pulley ? 1
Axle pin Axle Pin ? 3
Protector Protector ? 4
Cap Screw M2.5 ? 16mm Cap Screw ? 1
Washer Washer ? 1


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