KATO 10-1662 N Gauge E261 Series Safir Odoriko Extension Set, 4 Cars, Train Model

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Kato - Precision Railroad ModelKATO 10-1662 | 4949727694221

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The color of the beautiful Izu sea and sky are reproduced.
Features a distinctive front shape, an open skylight and a beautiful gradation belt with a glossy feel.
The skylight and body of each vehicle have been recreated without any steps.
Chairs are No. 1 - Gray, No. 2 - 3: Brown, No. 4 - Dark Brown, 5 - 8 Cars, Beige.
Slotless motor for a smoother and quieter ride.
Standard headlight/tail light installation. The LED lights on the front light and sign lights and the unique table lamp and underwall lighting are illuminated in the interior of the E261 dining room car.
The coupler uses a densely articulated dummy coupler with a body mount tight coupler (no hooks).
Comes with a destination indicator seal.

The railroad model is a system that provides power from the rails. Does not use batteries when driving, luminous, or even lights up.
This product does not include batteries.
This product does not use fuel.
Fuel is not included with this product.
This product does not include paint.

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