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Kotobukiya "Fresvelg-Cornix" spin-off series "Frame Arms Girl" original robot content "Frame Arms" series.

Frame Arms Girl "Hresvelg" is a 3D reproduction of the "Hresvelg" frame arms designed by Tomotake Kinoshita.
This is a variation kit in the Freesberg series.
With the new "Wing Shoutel" weapons, a new hairstyle and new facial expression parts, you can enjoy the transformation of 3 different forms of the Frame Arms by respecting the variable mechanism.

Product Details:
Comes with a new mold for the Cornix's signature weapon "Wing Schotel"
The wing part becomes a new weapon "Wing Shoutel" to form a new silhouette even in the flight form.
Can be transformed into 3 forms: normal mode, assault = claw mode, and air cruiser mode.
The thighs feature a new mold with pull-out joints. Compatible with the Fresvelg series for enhanced range of motion.
Comes with 2 types of bangs that are usually included and 4 types of blindfold (right and left).
Comes with 3 new painted facial expression parts (normal face, grinning face, and surprise face) that will resemble the image of the set by assembly.
Includes 4 unpainted facial parts that differ from painted facial expression parts. (2 x regular faces, screaming expressions, and a universal decal compatible)
Comes with decals for distinctive markings, eyes and expressions.
The pull-out shoulder joints and articulated axis on the upper arms allow for a wide range of motion.
By combining the sliding movement of the hip joint, it achieves a wide range of motion.
The wrist uses movable axis spherical joints to allow for expressive poses.
5 types of PVC wrist are included. The wrist can be interchanged with existing Frame Arms Girl series wrists, including knuckles.
Includes a "New Flying Base"
Includes 2 types of grips that correspond to 0.1 inch (3 mm) diameter.
You can reproduce the state of your body by replacing some parts.
The 0.1 inch (3 mm) diameter holes placed on the arms and feet allow it to be used with existing M.S.G series and Frame Arms series arms.
The tail-shaped part of the back of the waist can be used as a cannon by holding it in your hand.
The blade parts attached to the left and right tail-shaped parts can be removed and used as a handheld weapon.

What is Frame Arms Girl?
The Frame Arms Girl is a spin off series that makes each unit "Bishi" from the original Kotobukiya robot content "Frame Arms".
Color-coded molded colors and tampo printed face parts allow you to assemble it without painting.
Frame Arms features 0.1 inch (3 mm) diameter holes and PVC wrist allow you to use a vast range of M.S.G Weapon Unit Series, Frame Arms Series weapons and exterior applications.
The head, arms and legs are also guaranteed to be compatible with each unit that is released in the future, so you can customize your own Frame Arms Girl.

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