Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Gourai Kai [Black] with FGM148 Type Anti-Tank Missile

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Kotobukiya Original Robot Content Frame Arms Spin-Off Series
Gourai Kai [Black] with FGM148 Type Battlearms Missile
This Gourai Kai is compatible with middle distance by TOMYTEC "FGM148 Type Missile" on the back.
The Frame Arms Gourai Kai was reproduced based on the beautiful girl illustrations by Takayuki Yanase.

Product Specifications:
The "FGM148 Type Battleship Missile" reproduces the ability to launch by removing the front cover. Missile body is also included. Each part has a 0.1 inch (3 mm) diameter hole so you can use it freely.
The color is reproduced with the main color of brown skin, silver hair, and black armor.
Dramatically improved range of motion around the hip, thigh, and skirt.
The drawer joints are added to the inside of the shoe parts, allowing you to tilt the shin forward.
The Momo armor slides up and down for an extended range of motion.
Comes with 3 painted facial parts with different lines of sight. (Facial Face, Right Face, Mimic Face)
Can also be reproduced in Gourai.
In addition to the regular version of the chest armor, this item includes 4 optional parts for Gourai Kai (medium and large) and Gourai (medium and large).
Comes with 5 new PVC spherical joint wrist types of left and right wrists.
The head has a 0.1 inch (3 mm) diameter compatible part, and the chest has a 0.1 inch (3 mm) convex shaft, and a 0.1 inch (3 mm) diameter extension.
The back cannon can slide around the base so you can choose between left and right handles.
The caterpillar has added details that resemble a Type 10 tank.
Includes a knife with a holder with a 0.1 inch (3 mm) diameter convex shaft.
Comes with decals such as eyes and markings.
PVC wrist allows you to have existing weapons from the MSG series and Frame Arms series.
The 0.1 inch (3 mm) diameter holes placed on the arms and feet allow it to be used with existing MSG and Frame Arms series weapons.

What is Frame Arms Girl (FA Girl)?
The Frame Arms Girl is a spin off series that makes each unit "Bishi" from the original Kotobukiya robot content "Frame Arms".
Color-coded molded colors and tampo printed face parts allow you to assemble it without painting.
The frame arms feature a 0.1-inch (3 mm) diameter hole and PVC wrist make it possible to
You can use the massive M.S.G Weapon Unit series, Frame Arms series weapons and exterior.

The head, arms and legs are also guaranteed to be compatible with each FA Girl model that is released in the future, so you can customize your own Frame Arms Girl (FA Girl).

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