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The third edition of the "Infinite Megaro Maria" series is a sentai type character designed with a maid outfit motif. The product size is about 6.3 inches (160 mm) in total height and has approximately 50 movable places.
The mask design has an inorganic yet soft expression, and we aimed to create a "mecawaii design" than the first series Principal such as chest armor, puff sleeve shoulder armor, and the back of long hair.
Each part of the armor is common with Principal and Ruby Eye so you can exchange it and play.
Of course, you can also customize the "Metamorphose Unit Ex Armor White Nurse" (sold separately).
How about arranging multiple bodies using the maid motif?

Movable Gimmick:
Approximately 50 points of articulation. The "knee joint" is a single articulated construction that allows for deep bends to accommodate "standing knees".
The "knee armor" can be adjusted to your desired position by moving independently. The shoulders consist of multiple joints can be pulled largely forward and "crossed arms".
The range of motion around the shoulders is extremely effective in a variety of poses, such as flashy action using a whole body and holding a sword with both hands.
The torso part has excellent range of motion so you can freely move it in your "lying down" pose. The neck can be moved from the front to the left and right, allowing you to pose it in a pose.
The bending angle of the elbows is deep, and you can create feminine poses such as putting your hands on your cheeks.
The hip joints are independent on the left and right side, and the front has a large movable structure that allows you to achieve a flexible movement; the legs can be opened wide from left to right.
You can perform a wide range of actions, from high kicks, to compact sitting positions.
The buttock armor is also equipped with one piece that is not independent, so you can use it as you like.

Triple wrist joint:
The construction allows the wrist to be bent almost 180 degrees inward, and the hard point is turned forward. The knife hanger can be rotated forward and used like a beast's claw. You can also combine it with weapon units (sold separately) to create a monster character with the arms itself as a weapon.
You can enjoy the style you like by using the "normal wrist joint" and "spacer".

There are 7 types of facial expression on the wrist. The picker is shaped to be a good way to hold thin. Mix and match with a variety of poses to hold a knife between your finger and finger.

Head and Mask Compatible:
3mm hole in the center of the headgear allows you to decorate with different parts.
The headgear has the same construction as the bangs of the Sobayo Girl Garden and can be replaced with bangs parts for the Sobai Girl Garden and so on.
※About compatibility with headgear and mask parts. The Saiko Shoujo Garden "Ao Minochi" and "Kiko Sumake" are not compatible with Novis because of its own standards.

1 x Novis main unit
Knife x 6
Knife hanger x left and right
Wrist parts x 7 types
1 x waist armor part with 0.1 inch (3 mm) hole compatible with flying base
Regular wrist joints & spacers x left and right minutes
Butt part integrated armor part x 1.

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