Kotobukiya MH25J M.S.G Modeling Support Goods, Heavy Weapon Unit 25, Night Master Sword

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Introducing a heavy weapon unit that continues the concept of the best-selling weapon unit 06 Samurai Master Sword.
It is also called the Nightmaster Sword.

Product concept is a general purpose "Legend Sword".
You can enjoy various situations such as pulling the legendary sword from the dedicated pedestal.
Just hold it and your character will be greatly increased!
From the large sword mode you can draw the inner holy sword "Night Master Sword", and the large sword can be transformed into the "Night Master Shield".

We collaborate with Kanevan Co., Ltd. headquartered in Aomi City, Tokyo. A product with a focus on quality manufacturing made in Japan.

What is Kanevan Co., Ltd.
From mold design to molding, mass production, inspection, and packaging, this is a "manufacturing venture company" from Tokyo that specializes in flexible response with consistent progression through a domestic group company.
In recent years, we have concentrated on producing character goods, and consistently planning, manufacturing and shipping products based on market trends, from acrylic stands and keychains, to plastic injection moldings such as food containers and mugs.
Also, Kanevan originally started from the sheet metal painting of motorcycles, so we have a deep knowledge of various decorating techniques, including painting and film. By using this product, we are also committed to developing products using new technology.
In addition, as a new initiative, we develop products in consideration of environmental issues, and are working towards contributing to the future of Japan.

Product Specifications
■ Large Sword "Night Master Sword" is stored inside the louder mode so you can actually pull it out and use it.
- The Nightmaster Sword can be removed and replaced with the ability release effect parts.
- The large sword mode can be installed on a dedicated pedestal for display.
■ The blade part of the large sword mode can be transformed and used as a nightmaster shield.
■The Nightmaster shield can be disassembled and used as a small shield and two pairs of tongfer blades.
■ Even with the Nightmaster Shield you can store the Nightmaster sword.
■ Dedicated pedestal parts are made up of multiple parts, and can be disassembled and attached to a variety of products as optional parts.
■ The molding colors are formed in 4 colors: white, clear blue, silver, and dark gray.

■ Nightmaster Sword x 1 set
- Power release effect part x 1
■ Nightmaster shield x 1 set
■ Grip parts for shield x 2
■ 1 set of base for large mode
■ Mount parts for large sword x 2 sets

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