Kotobukiya MH33J M.S.G Modeling Support Goods, Heavy Weapon Unit 33, Exceed Binder 2

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Armored articulated armor unit with clear armor is reintroduced in Japan (Kikuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) quality.
The concept is a variable wings of clear armor perfect for character plastic models.

You can enjoy various patterns by using gimmicks such as the "winging" form with a beautiful sharp silhouette, or the "defense mode" as a shield that covers the body, and you can create a beautiful and customizable kit.

Available in 2 color molding. Clear blue armor and silver inner mecha frame
The silver mecha frame see-through from the armor surface, is a beautiful heavy weapon.

We collaborate with Kikuchi Manufacturing Co. headquartered in Tokyo and Hachioji. A product with a focus on quality manufacturing made in Japan.

What is Kikuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
This is a "comprehensive manufacturing support company" that has established a "comprehensive and consistent system" from development and design to mold manufacturing, prototyping, evaluation, and mass production.
We aim to create products that attract people and support people through creating products that not only improve the efficiency of the industry, but also create products that are supported by people through the manufacturing process.

Product Specifications
■ Joint units that connect between binders are flexible and movable, so you can change the angle of the binder to create a variety of looks.
- The binder itself has a gimmick that opens and closes. You can change your silhouette.
■ It also has a connection mechanism for each binder! The possibilities are endless with the user's imagination.
■ Comes with clear sword and clear dagger that can be stored in the back of the binder.
■ The 0.1-inch (3 mm) axis at the connection base can be moved up and down to attach to a variety of kits.
■ The binder itself has a 0.1-inch (3 mm) hole so you can use the flying base to mount the binder independently. Each binder can be arranged in the air.

■ Binder unit x 4
■Connection base x 1
■ Joint unit x 4
■ Clear Sword x 2
■ Clear Dagger x 4

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