Bandai MG Mobile Suit Gundam NT Narrative Gundam C Equipment Ver.Ka 1/100 Scale

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The Mobile Suit "Narrative Gundam C Equipment" developed as a Psycho Frame Tester has been reproduced in 3D with MG Ver.Ka.
Equipped with a number of gimmicks incorporated from both the stories and plastic model by Katoki Hajime.

■ Psycho frame adjusts the thickness of clear parts, and details are engraved not only on the surface, but also on the back and sides to create a 3D modeling with a deep. Depending on the angle you view, the light reflects like a crystal.
■ Comes with a gray psycho frame that is not activated by NT-D.
■ Conscious of the settings in the anime, we realize parts that work with the "MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka".
■Hip joints can be moved by block. The fins behind the knee allow the legs to bend deeply by engaging in conjunction with the movement of the knee.
■ The core block form can be rotated to the nose and transformed into a core fighter in a bird-like form.
■ Comes with C-equipped beam rifle that has been improved for Jegan. You can recreate both types by changing parts using the settings.
■ Yona Bashta figures come with 2 types of standing and sitting figures.

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