Pandora PAC-901D R32-4Dr Carbon Bonnet with Duct

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Pandora Rc PAC-901D

PAC-901D R32-4Dr Carbon Bonnet with Duct

R32-4Dr Carbon Bonnet with Duct

<Product details>

? The product is buffing.

? The manufacturing conditions, please understand that you have a small scratch air bubbles to the product.

? There is some individual difference in the thickness, carbon eye etc..

? For RC, I've been making the thickness to be easy to process.


After the verifying adjust the cut line, over the bonnet products, should be secured with a double-faced adhesive tape or the like.

? You can also use the left, but, please reproduced with the paint there matte luster.


? Because I made of carbon and glass wool, fabrication careful handling of processing

? It becomes white when cut which I cut with scissors is broken.

? You can work with a file, etc., but keep in mind the powder because it is glass fiber.

? For glass wool, powder exiting at the time of processing is recommended (gloves mask goggles, long sleeves), etc. place.

, A crack or you will crack or chipping it enters.

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