[PO AUG 2024] Kotobukiya CX019 Infinite Encounter Megalomalia Penetrator

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The fifth edition of the "Infinite Megaro Maria" series features a military motif arranged in some new design parts based on Principal. The product size is about 6.3 inches (160 mm) in total height and has approximately 50 movable places. Bangs with hard points (headgear) have a 0.1-inch (3 mm) hole on the forehead for a wide range of customization.

Movable Gimmick:
Approximately 50 points of articulation. The "knee joint" is a single articulated construction that allows for deep bends to accommodate "standing knees".
The "knee armor" can be adjusted to your desired position by moving independently. The shoulders consist of multiple joints can be pulled largely forward and "crossed arms".
You can also put a rifle on the "stomach" "kneeling" "sitting" and "standing" poses.

Triple wrist joint:
The construction allows the wrist to be bent almost 180 degrees inward, and the hard point is turned forward. The left arm is equipped with a combat knife molded in clear purple, so you can enjoy the CQC and other military action poses.
You can enjoy the style you like by using the "normal wrist joint" and "spacer".

It uses the same model parts as the Hexa Gear series "Bump Up Expander" and comes with a total of 6 types.

Head and Mask Compatible:
With a 0.1 inch (3 mm) hole in the center of the bangs (headgear), you can decorate it with a variety of parts.
The bangs parts are made to the same construction as the bangs in the Sobayo Girl Garden and can be replaced with the bangs parts of the young girl garden.
About the compatibility of bangs and mask parts. The Saiko Shoujo Garden "Ao Minochi" and "Kiko Sumake" are not compatible with penetrators because it is unique standards.

Assault Rifle 2
M.S.G Weapon Unit 37 Assault Rifle 2 comes with a gun metallic mold, and you can choose to install it with a tube type dot sight or open type dot sight.

Color Ring:
Uses the main color of the "Dark Green" developed in the Hexa Gear series.

Penetrator x 1
Combat knife x 1
Weapon Unit 37 Assault Rifle 2 x 1
Wrist parts x 6 types: Grip, Flat Hand, Weapon Handle (Normal), Weapon Handle (Angle).
Hand Sign A and Hand Sign B
1 x waist armor part with 0.1 inch (3 mm) hole compatible with flying base
Regular wrist joints & spacers x left and right minutes
Butt part integrated armor part x 1.
No protrusion detail cover (for thighs) x left and right minutes

What is Tokyo Mark?
A label that develops products incorporating Japanese production technology.
We work together with a factory that has a variety of technologies found in various locations, and then disseminates and disseminates to Tokyo, where Kotobukiya headquarters are headquarters, and we aim to develop products that incorporate our attention to our label.

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