KATO 5229 MANI36 (Remodeling from SURONE30)

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5229 MANI36 (Remodeling from SURONE30)

[Product introduction]
- Luggage trains seen on the Tohoku Main Line depart from the Sumidagawa Freight Station, which is dedicated to luggage in the metropolitan area.
-In addition, there is also an operation called [shipping] that crosses the Tsugaru Straits from Aomori to Hokkaido on the Seikan Ferry, and in Hokkaido it is connected to express trains such as [Niseko] [Daisetsu] and local trains. A mail and parcel car was active.
- We recommend the 3070-2 EF56 primary type and 3075-4 ED75 1000 early type, which are scheduled to be released at the same time, as tow machines.
- You can also enjoy various luggage trains by combining individual luggage cars.

- The price and JAN code will be changed from this product.
- Other specifications are unchanged from the conventional product.
*The image is the previous product.

[Product Features]
- Reproduce the form with a flat wife surface according to the remodeled Slone 30
- Arnold coupler standard equipment.

- Driver for off switch

[Related optional parts]
- 11-211/212 LED interior light clear / (6 cars included)
- 11-213/214 LED interior light clear (bulb color) / (6 cars included)

[Related product]
- 3064-1 EF80 primary type
- 3070-2 EF56 primary type
- 3075-2 ED75 0 late model
- 3075-4 ED75 1000 early model
- 5079 Mani 36 (Modified Suha 32)
- 5147 Wasaf 8000
- 10-899/1724 Mail/Baggage Train [Tokaido/Sanyo] A/B
- 24-263/264 turret type station yard carrier various

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