R31World R31W201 GRK Rigid Axle

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〇 Adaptive chassis

・ GRK3 AWD genuine parts

・ GRK3 RWD optional parts (* Note ①)

・ GRK Global Global Standard Series Optional Parts

* Note ①… [R31W294] GRK3 spur gear mount and our bevel gear (16T or more) are required.

〇 Product description

A metal solid differential axle set compatible with speed-increasing bevel gears for Ketsukaki.

By changing the solid cup and solid housing to metal, it supports higher rotation and higher load.

Use [R31W212] one-way & solid ring gear for the ring gear.

By using the separately sold [R31W243] gear spacer set, it is possible to support our company's speed-increasing bevel gears (17T / 18T) for Ketsukaki.

* Please check the list below for the number of gear spacer sets and the number of teeth of the corresponding bevel gear.

* If you are looking for a rigid axle that supports deceleration bevel gears, please purchase the [R31W270] GRK Rigid Axle Set (for deceleration gears).

* A shim with an inner diameter of 10 mm is required to adjust the clearance between the gearbox and bearings and to adjust the final backlash.

〇 Corresponding bevel gear and required number of gear spacers

Number of bevel gear teeth Number of spacers

Product number: R31G007

Standard gear (16T)
0 sheets

Part number: R31W216

Ketsukaki Gear (17T)
    1 sheet

Part number: R31W217

Ketsukaki Gear (18T)
    2 sheets

* ① [R31W212] Only when using one-way & solid ring gear.

* ② Be sure to use the [R31W243] gear spacer set for the spacer.

* ③ Prepare an M3 button screw with a length that matches the spacer thickness.


・ GRK solid cup x 2

・ GRK solid housing x 1

・ M3 x 12 button screw x 2

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