Acuvance (Keyence) RAD RD Brushless ESC

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Acuvance (Keyence)Acuvance RAD RD | 4541283606894

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-By adopting a new FET, he achieves a silky feeling and torqueful output characteristics.

By adopting a new power type FET, we have achieved more torqueful output characteristics while inheriting the silky feeling unique to Acuvance.
It follows aggressive throttle work from the low speed range, enabling delicate and dynamic driving.
● Equipped with reverse battery protection circuit and "alert LED" for reverse connection

Equipped with the popular reverse battery protection circuit in XARVIS XX.
Of course, it also has an "alert LED" that informs you of reverse connection. Prevents damage to the ESC board due to reverse connection for about 10 seconds.
*The protection target of this circuit is the ESC circuit board. We do not guarantee the protection of the Chevalier series, standard built-in capacitors, and external devices.
● PYRAMID Shape design that produces a higher cooling effect when equipped with a FAN

The world's first pyramid shape is adopted for the top surface design.
It has a structure that forces the air to escape to the lower part and all directions, and suppresses the rebounding wind (turbulence of the air flow on the top surface) when the fan is installed, realizing a higher cooling effect and reducing the load on the fan motor. did.
● Hologram cutting

Hologram cutting technology is used for cutting aluminum on the top surface.
It creates a more luxurious and luxurious look.
● Equipped with [Torque Level] and [Torque End Point] functions installed in XARVIS XX

By using the TAO III or S.BUS compatible transmitter described later, you can use the [torque level] and [torque end point] functions installed in XARVIS XX.
[Torque Level] … Adjust the feeling of acceleration/deceleration torque.
[Torque end point]: Sets the throttle range in which the torque level function operates.
*Torque level and torque end point functions cannot be set or used when using our motors prior to LUXON BS and other manufacturers' motors.
● Corresponds to setting change by TAO III

Simple setting changes are possible with the SET button installed on the RAD body,
By using TAO III, the items and values ​​that can be set are greatly expanded, dramatically improving drivability.
*TAO III (shipped by our company before May 2022) needs to be updated.
After the update, select "RAD (MC971CR)" with the "ESC select" command of TAO III.
● Wireless communication is possible with a FUTABA S.BUS compatible transmitter.

If you are using a Futaba Corporation S.BUS compatible transmitter, you can transmit by connecting the separately sold S.BUS link adapter (OP-15127) or S.BUS adapter (OP-15067). You can use the telemetry function to change the setting data using the LCD screen of the machine and display the motor rotation speed, ESC temperature, battery voltage, etc. on the transmitter in real time.

    *It is necessary to update the S.BUS link adapter (shipped by our company before mid-June 2022) or S.BUS adapter (all applicable).
    * When updating the S.BUS adapter, in addition to the Windows PC / Update Device Kit II (OP-15064) or III (OP-15087), the separately sold "S.BUS Adapter Update Conversion Cable (OP-15095) )” is required.
    *Please contact Futaba Corporation for compatible transmitters. (You may need to update your transceiver.)
    In addition, since setting data cannot be saved in the transmitter, please use TAO III to save and manage setting data.
    * Depending on the contents of future updates, the items that can be set by TAO III and the items that can be set by FUTABA's S.BUS compatible transmitter may differ.

● It is possible to visually recognize the state when the boost turbo is not used with the LED.

The standby LED blinks when the boost turbo is not used, and it corresponds to the regulations such as touring competitions where the use of these functions is restricted.

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