Kawada SK70 Battery Non-Slip Pad

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Kawada SK70

SK70 Battery Non-Slip Pad


It is a slip sheet of the best ultra-thin type battery mounting portion of the chassis. The use of this product so just 0.3mm, there is almost no change in center of gravity of the battery thickness.
Battery case does not hurt in the soft feel while ultrathin special material non-slip effect preeminence.
Almost the same size as 2-cell Li-Po, Li-Fe and size (about 45mm ? 140mm). You can be cut to the size you like easily with scissors base material because it is cloth.
Please use all means when using battery hard cased Li-Po, Li-Fe of such.

? This product is a product that assists the battery installed. It is not possible to fix the battery in just this product. Please use in conjunction with the battery holder or glass tape always.





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